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Creative Estate Planning in the Time of Coronavirus

The recent outbreak of the global pandemic known as COVID-19 has added one more twist to the practice of estate planning which already involves many twists, turns, and nuances on its own. How do you provide high quality estate planning services to your clients in a world where “social distancing,” “shelter-in-place orders”, and “quarantine” has become the norm?

The same level of service that you have provided to your clients for years is still possible, and all the same rules still apply, but you need to adapt to fit these challenging times. This webinar will help attorneys provide estate planning legal services in a time of uncertainty. The presenters will discuss holographic wills, electronic signature acts, electronic notarization, video-conferencing for witnessing of certain documents, the challenges associated with social distancing and will witnesses, and other topics to help navigate estate planning in the face of COVID-19.

Learning Objectives
1. Identify potential pitfalls and solutions when practicing estate planning in a remote setting
2. Discuss and evaluate holographic wills as an available estate planning tool in the face of COVID-19
3. Understand electronic signature acts and what requirements need to be followed for estate planning in the face of COVID-19
4. Review electronic notarization and what requirements need to be followed for estate planning in the face of COVID-19
5. Assess the availability and utilization of video-conferencing for the witnessing of certain documents to assist estate planning practitioners
6. Review the challenges and possible solutions associated with “social distancing” when it comes to will witnessing
7. Navigate the legal field of estate planning in the face of COVID-19


Produced on April 2, 2020.

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Kimberley Murphy
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Lisa Campo

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